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The Liberty Man


New:  Chris Kyle; A Texas Goodbye

UPDATE:  Professor McCanney's Website Information

NEW: Allowing Muslims into the USA is National Suicide

NEW:  EPAs Registered Antimicrobial Products

Apollo 17 - Final Footprints On The Moon

Learning From HISTORY:
Rodger's Rangers Standing Orders

Special Message from CSM Page (What to Watch For)

Lindsey Williams - Elite Emergency Data

The Proven Dangers of Microwave Ovens

Draft of new Constitution for the United States- circa 2005


Los Zetas' Marketing Memorandum


The Liberty Man

  1. Planet-X Comets and Earth Changes, By Professor James M. McCanney M.S.
  2. Surviving Planet-X Passage, By Professor James M. McCanney M.S.
  3. Atlantis to Tesla , By Professor James M. McCanney M.S.
  4. Principia Meteorologia, The Physics of Sun-Earth Weather, By Professor James M. McCanney M.S.
  5. World's in Collision, By Immanuel Velikovsky
  6. Earth in Upheaval, By Immanuel Velikovsky
  7. Mankind in Amnesia, By Immanuel Velikovsky
  8. Pole Shift, By John White
  9. Blindsided, By Mark Hazlewood
  10. Delicate Earth History Science Planet X , By Mark Hazlewood

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