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Los Zetas' Marketing Memorandum



The Liberty Man


John's first paid professional preparedness consultation was in the Summer of 1977.  John see's his job as a consultant is to help you gain clarity and focus to achieve your preparedness goals (as well as setting the goals themselves).

Prior to the consultation, John  will have you gather the following information:
  1. The first name, sex, age, height, weight and general health of all members of your group.
  2. Skill sets of all members of your group
  3. Education past High School
  4. Profession/jobs held of each member
  5. A list of your specific concerns you want to prepare for.
  6. Location of current residence and location of your safe haven (I don't need/want specific location county and state is sufficient).
  7. A general inventory of food, medical supplies, communication equipment, tools. Once again, does not need to be detailed i.e. I have plumbing and gardening tools, I have enough food for two years, etc.

Having received all of the above, John will analyze this information and make specific recommendations during the consultation.

John frequently consults with and advises his local elected and appointed officials on preparedness matters.

If you want to set up a public seminar, John will work with you to discount his consultation fee.

Rate Schedules

Private: (Families and Small Groups)

Via Telephone:

Private on-site

Corporate and Professional Association Rates:

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