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Smoking Gun Document

The National Gun Control Debate: Chasing Technology: Emotions vs. Logic

ICE Agent Commits Suicide - Commentary by John Moore

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Abrupt Climate Change Information:

Abrupt Climate Change Scenario &  It's Implications for U.S. National Security

A Worst Case Scenario?

The Gulf-stream Has STOPPED!

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Impacts of Space Weather on the Electronic Grid  and
EMP Commission Executive Report 2008, Large Transformers and the U.S. Electric Grid,

Global Sea Level Rise:  Coincidence or Foreshadow?


Chris Kyle; A Texas Goodbye


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La Palma NEWS ALERT - Posting Date October 13, 2017 10:22 CT ...

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La Palma in the Canary Islands west of Africa has reported large numbers of earth quakes in the past 2 days ... based on this report there is a serious threat of underwater land slides that could potentially produce tsunamis including mega tsunamis that could cross the Atlantic Ocean in as little as 6 hours and threaten the coastal and inner coastal regions of Canada, the USA from Maine to Florida as well as the Caribbean islands and Atlantic coastal regions of Mexico, Central America and South America ... also included in the potential path of the tsunamis are coastal areas of Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, England, Northern Europe, Spain and Northwestern Africa with the warning times being far less than 6 hours ... The authorities that govern these areas should evaluate this as serious threat and begin coastal and inner coastal evacuation planning starting with the inner regions to prevent traffic clogging as occurred in the recent Florida Hurricane Irma evacuation ... the geological record indicates that past tsunamis have reached as far inland as central Pennsylvania so the inner coastal danger zone could reach as far as one hundred kilometers or more from the actual coast line ... since standard science has not recognized this I encourage the responsible government offices to act without requesting information from the government agencies that would normally be expected to be knowledgeable about natural disasters ...

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