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The National Gun Control Debate: Chasing Technology: Emotions vs. Logic

ICE Agent Commits Suicide - Commentary by John Moore

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Abrupt Climate Change Information:

Abrupt Climate Change Scenario &  It's Implications for U.S. National Security

A Worst Case Scenario?

The Gulf-stream Has STOPPED!

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Impacts of Space Weather on the Electronic Grid  and
EMP Commission Executive Report 2008, Large Transformers and the U.S. Electric Grid,

Global Sea Level Rise:  Coincidence or Foreshadow?


Chris Kyle; A Texas Goodbye


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Special Information Reports

We are at a point in time where most adults have heard the term "Global Warming" and the matter of the "Gulf Stream Slowing 30%". Most even heard the news in August 2005 from NASA about a "Tenth Planet" being found, or the same news in the January 15, 2006 edition of the "Parade" Sunday newspaper insert (WWW.PARADE.COM). Perhaps 1/2 of 1% of the adults in the USA understand what these matters really mean. My monograph (No Need For Panic) is for that 1/2 of 1%. Footnotes, a bibliography, and a list of websites, are listed at the end of this monograph. The primary audience of this article are those who already know and understand these matters to a pretty great extent. Others will not fully comprehend these matters without a through briefing, or reading several thousand pages of material as listed in the bibliography.

When I ask my audience "Would the Federal Government of the United States of America lie to you?", the response is very predictable: they chuckle, laugh and applaud. What Al Gore, NASA and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are telling you about Global Warming is part science and part science fiction.

The science is what will happen in the future: abrupt climate change and rising ocean levels.

The science fiction is:

1.) The cause (it's not human related activity)

2.) The time line ( it's not 2050)

Order and read my monograph "No Need For Panic" to get the full story.

Imagining the Unthinkable

An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security

A Special Report prepared for the Department of Defense.   The purpose of this report is to imagine the unthinkable - to push the boundaries of current research on climate change so we may better understand the potential implications on United States national security.

I will send you a .pdf of this Special Report that could save your life.

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Climate Change Reconsidered 2011 Interim Report
Summary for Policymakers.
I will send you a .pdf of this Special Report that could save your life.

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Get all three Life Saving articles in .pdf. for only $12.00

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Six Ways In, Twelve Ways Out

2nd edition by George W. Jasper
5 1/2" X 7", 184 pages soft-bound.

Published in 2000 by the United States Rescue & Special Operations Group, This is their survival & evasion manual.

I own a fairly complete collection of this genre' of book. I have about a dozen military (US & foreign), civilian books and manuals on this topic.

In my opinion, this is the best. This book has no ISBN, no Library of Congress number, the dozens of illustrations are little more than stick figures and the photographs are of poor quality. There is no table of contents, and no index.

The value is in the content.

The author, and his five major contributors, are clearly men who are writing from first-hand experience.

I consider this book the finest single volume on survival and evasion printed in the English language.

The book teaches simple methods that are proven to work in the real world.
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+ $4.75 shipping & handling

FM 31-20 Special Forces Operational Techniques

I call this book Portable War. When I go into the field, it is the one book I always have. I keep it in two Ziploc bags, one sealed inside the other.

The book is soft bound, 533 pages 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" with dozens of illustrations. This is an official U.S. Army publication. It was written at the height of the Vietnam War.

From Chapter 1:

This manual discusses operational techniques in consonance with doctrine outlined in FM 31-21 which may be used by Special Forces. These Methods are applicable to both nuclear and non-nuclear warfare in either unconventional warfare (UW) or counterinsurgency operations. This manual describes intelligence, psychological considerations, infiltration, air operations, amphibious operations, communications, logistics, demolitions, Special Forces field maneuvers, medical aspects and other techniques.

Table of Contents

1.) General
2.) Intelligence
3.) Psychological Operations
4.) Infiltration
5.) Planning and Operations
6.) Air Operations
7.) Raids and Ambushes
8.) Water Operations
9.) Communications
10.) Logistics
11.) Demolitions and Engineering
12.) Medical Aspects of Special Forces Operations


I.) References
II.) Field Expedient Printing Methods
III.) Air and Amphibious Messages
IV.) Field Exercise
V.) Area Study
VI.) Area Assessment
VII.) Catalog Supply System
VIII.) Examples of Training Program for Indigenous Forces
One of my jobs on the Special Forces A-Team (ODA 113) was to maintain the team library. Our library was several hundred volumes. Out of all these books FM 31-20 held the most value.

Whether you are planning ambushes, need to know how to fabricate field expedient explosives, or conduct a raid, you will find detailed guidance in this book.
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